Is it Time to Rethink Your Website?
In the Discovery and Analysis phase, we meet with you and your team to identify and define the specific needs required by your project. The important questions are asked, appropriate solutions are explored, and an initial timeline and project plan are generated.
Our team works with you to create and refine the look and functionality of your project. This may include design concepts, site maps or early prototypes to use as the foundation upon which your project will be built. During the early phase the progress of the design process can usually be reviewed online.
During development, our artists and programmers utilize the detailed composites or prototypes you've approved to take your project from conceptual to functional. Your eTools team will work with you to assure that the development addresses your intended goals. Preliminary versions will be accessible to you and your team for review and feedback throughout its progression. During this phase, the team will work with you to collect your content and integrate it into our content management system.
In the Delivery and Quality Analysis phase, final revisions are implemented and a complete test is performed. Only when you are completely satisfied do we release the final product.
We continue to be involved as your website evolves, providing support and assistance to meet your ongoing needs.