About Us

We're in the business of building better automotive websites.

About Us

eTool Developers LLC is a Grand Rapids, MI based web development agency that was founded in 2001, focusing on the website and internet marketing needs of companies in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry.  For 20 years, we have assisted our clients with custom website development, complex data management, eCommerce implementations and internet marketing solutions to grow their businesses.  We are aware of the unique challenges retailers, distributors and manufacturers face when competing online in today's market.

Reaching your customers online is more important now than ever before.  Reach them effectively with an industry compliant, custom built website that fits your company's specific needs.  Our software platform is full of all the tools you'll need.  Give us a call today!  We would be happy to discuss the vision you have for your business and assist you in building the modern website you have been searching for. If you need it, we can build it.

We are also committed to the future of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. With self driving vehicles and electric cars on the horizon, we predict innovative digital tools will be in very high demand. That's why we're researching the next-generation of eCommerce shopping technology, such as Mobile Applications, Virtual and Augmented Reality Ecosystems and Cloud Computing. If you have that next level idea to reach your consumers in an exciting new way, give us a call and let's build something incredible together.

Our Executive Leadership

Luanne Brown

Luanne Brown

Founder, CEO

Will Brown

Will Brown


Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes

Director of Software & Technology

Luanne's Story

Luanne Brown has more than 40 years of business management experience.  Before starting eTool Developers, Luanne was the CFO and business manager of a multimedia firm where she developed the skills and specialized knowledge required to lead a highly competitive technology company.  In focusing eTool Developers' efforts on the automotive aftermarket, Luanne is very involved in the industry including serving on the Board of Directors of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) from 2008 to 2015.  Luanne recently received the 'Women at the Wheel' recognition by Babcox Publications.

Luanne also served many years running the SEMA Cares committee and had been a member of several other SEMA Councils and Committees.  Luanne currently serves as Vice President of the Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation and serves on their Executive Committee. She has become one of the Automotive Aftermarket's leading experts, conducting numerous seminars on internet marketing and advertising at the SEMA Show, PRI (Peformance Racing Industry) trade show and various AutoCare Association events.

  • SEMA Board of Directors 2008 - 2015
  • SEMA Cares Chair 2010 - 2015
  • SEMA Member, including ETTN, TORA, PRO, and SBN
  • Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation Vice President - Active
  • AutoCare Association Member
  • 2007 Athena Award recipient
  • 2015 WAAI Spirit of Leadership Award recipient
  • 2021 Women at the Wheel - Babcox Publications

Will's Story

Will Brown considers himself a consumer of all things technology. He discovered his love for tech from a very early age, tormenting his parents by ripping apart their VCRs and playing with the electrical motors inside. Growing up in the dawn of the internet era, at the age of 11, Will watched his mother Luanne start eTool Developers from the family laptop and was ‘dragged’ to countless work functions along the way.

After graduating from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology, Will worked with Enterprise Technology industry in Detroit where he developed skills working with servers, cybersecurity, digital communication systems and project management. While developing a nostalgia for his early automotive roots, Will returned to Grand Rapids in 2018 to make his mark on the family business.

Today, Will is following firmly in his mother’s footsteps filling the role of President while overseeing the business operations within the agency. He currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Caitlin and son Benny.

  • SEMA 35 under 35 recipient - Class of 2019
  • SEMA Cares Committee Member 2019-2023
  • SEMA PAC Member
  • SEMA Member, including ETTN, TORA, PRO, and FLN
  • Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation Volunteer
  • Automotive Content Professional's Network (ACPN) Member
  • AutoCare YANG Member

Dan's Story

Dan's fascination with computers began when he was eight years old. He learned the BASIC programming language from magazines and would write code on his Atari 800. Since those early days, he has spent the past 25 years becoming a software wizard. His beginnings were through professional certification in Lotus Notes followed by his role as a Domino principal developer. He then went on to develop corporate intranets and eLearning platforms that were used by nationally recognized furniture and grocery store enterprises.

Dan partnered with Luanne Brown to build eTool Developers from the ground up, transitioning to eCommerce websites with a specialty in the automotive aftermarket. Today, Dan supervises the core software team at eTools and is working constantly to address the ever changing needs of our client base. Dan looks to the future with an eye on the distributed cloud infrastructure model and how cloud computing can help the automotive industry.

He enjoys a balance of rural independence, acting as a gentleman farmer managing a small cadre of cats, chickens and a dog while enjoying his harvest of peppers, fruits and hops.